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We often get asked questions regarding fibre optic cables and fibre systems, we have added some of our most common questions to this page. If there is something not answered or something more specific you are looking for, please do not hesitate to give one of our friendly team a call or use the form below to ask a question, we always aim to get back to you within a couple of hours.

Common questions relating to fibre optics

Fibre Optic is basicly a thin strand of glass, it can be as small as 9 microns in some types of fibre and can carry huge amounts of data. The data is not limited to standard network traffic, fibre optic can carry audio, video, telephone calls and much more.
Yes, there are two main types of fibre optic cable. Single mode and Multi mode. With single mode fibre the signal travels down the center of the fibre without bouncing off the edges, this type of fibre can carry data in excess of 50 miles. Multi mode fibre is around 8-10 times thicker than single mode, this means multiple signals can travel down the cable at the same time. Multi mode cables are suited for smaller distances, however certain equipment may require a certain fibre so its always best to check before placing an order.
Fibre will benefit you if you need to send a signal over a long distance, fibre can provide a high capacity backbone for many applications. Call us to discuss wether fibre is suitable for you.
If fibre is installed correctly and with care it wont break. Fibre cable can be fragile however if handled correctly it will provide years of hassle free connectivity.
Yes, fibre can be repaired with specialist tools and equipment, contact us if you need a fibre repaired or tested.

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